Hello there! If you don’t know my name by now then I have failed to brand this website.


Anyways, I’m Maria. I was born in Bogota, Colombia so that explains the ridiculously long name and my use of color. I moved to Miami, Florida when I was 4 that’s where I picked up my bold voice. Now I’m in New York working at Retailworx making websites, logo designs, and print collateral for their 5 brands. I’m also a  junior at Pratt Institute in the Branding and Art Direction program with a minor in Photography. Ask me how a group of 6 students and I created comd agency; a student founded and run organization focused on creating community within our department and aiding students in their professional careers :)


When I’m not following my calendar like a religion I enjoy random adventures to the ocean or doing random challenges throughout the week to keep my routine interesting and stop me from acting like a robot. Or you can find me doodling in my 14th sketchbook on the subway.


Current Challenges:

  • A poster a day (on day 28) follow my challenge on insta @gr8graphiz

  • Waking up at 7:30am (don’t judge this really is a challenge)

Maria Fernanda Useche Villalobos Ramirez Galvis

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