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For the past 40 years in Bogota Colombia my grandmother, Zaida, has had a store run out of her home. Since I was little, before moving to the US, she would let me steal snacks. Neighbors come over to drink a Colombiana and eat a Liberal while chatting with my grandmother.

The cultural fusion produced by generations of immigrants specifically from Latin countries has produced a city that must adapt to it’s Spanish and English residents. Often times solved by Spanglish.

When immigrants had to pack they had to make a crucial decision: How do I fit my life in a bag? 

They didn’t realize the most valuable thing they brought with them was their culture.

The Little Book of Littles is a collection of google images on the cultural enclaves found in the most popular US immigrant cities.

I see Spanglish is a manifestation of the product created by immigrants where the battle of their two identities is peacefully blended in one tongue. As an individual who uses Spanglish on a daily basis, I see first hand how communities and cultures are produced as a result of the immigrant speaking their truth. In just the media examples one can see why Spanglish is growing so rapidly. I see this as only the beginning of the language where it’s full growth includes academic papers being written in Spanglish and classes taught in the mixed tongue. The representation of people in this double consciousness is important and Spanglish is an essential way of validating this existence.

The Products

This selection of products was selected via Instagram submissions when people of the Latinx community were asked what products remind them of home. The copy used to rebrand the products shares the intimate memories made with the items.

The Bodega Exhibition

A mobile bodega built to house the exhibition. Designed to travel to the cultural enclaves found in New York City like Little Puerto Rico, Little Colombia, and  Little Dominican Republic.

The walls are covered with essays written on Spanglish, Latinx product ads

The Typeface

Double Consciousness Typeface. A typeface that reflects on itself to make each letter symmetrical and balanced. This is an exploration inspired by those who handle a double consciousness, where they must balance two cultures in one body causing either an internal battle or a third type of identity to form. Thus leading to beautiful creations like Spanglish.

The Interviews
The Panel

A collection of perspectives from different Latinx Professionals in a variety of fields. Sitting down with me to answer 11 questions on their experience being Latinx. Some in Spanish, English, and Spanglish.


The Latinx Creatives Panel is a virtual discussion meant to serve as a point of reference, proof, and inspiration for the next generation of Latinx Creatives. Students belonging to minorities often don’t see themselves represented at the front of the classroom both in the professor selection and in the material taught, so this panel is in contribution to the larger conversation of celebrating Latinx creativity while discussing the obstacles.

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