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Home Interrupted (HI) 

Every conversation begins with a greeting, so why not start the conversation on HI?

Home Interrupted (HI) is meant to provide a neutral platform based off a responsive grid for users to remove small talk and begin a conversation with substance. Ideally reviving the way we communicated prior to modern technology. The web-site’s name captures the idea of walking into a stranger’s home and interrupting the intimacy. The 9 Questions will produce the same feeling of vulnerability as when inviting a stranger into your home. Similar to a social media platform, Home Interrupted (HI) is meant to encourage people to share and communicate with other users. The difference being the only content shared are their profiles, responses to the 9 questions, and image of the object they would save in a re. By limiting what a user can post; the site will encourage communication, rather than serve as a host for updates on personal matters.


1. What is home to you?
2. Who’s there? Who isn’t?
3. What do you hear?
4. What do you smell?
5. What do you see?
6. What do you feel?
7. What would make you leave?
Or Why did you leave?
8. What object would you save in a fire?
9. What song captures who you are?

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