Columbus' Smear Campaign

Columbus' Smear Campaign

This project demonstrates a reflection of how I work and my motivation for design.

I began with research on Columbus as he was viewed in the past, present, and by different cultures. This led me to my conclusion: He was a dick. From this, I wanted to use the attention and cultural tone of using the word “dick” to keep my audience engaged for the point of the message– Erasing history does not prevent it from reoccurring. Visuals and executions followed the humorous tone followed by copy to deliver the message.

Going back in history

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The Plan

Create an event that will begin the conversation on changing his images. Make advertisements for the event and offer memorable information at the event. Let social media take over with #CCISANSTD

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Screen Shot 2019-04-01 at 11.04.17

Create a recognizable brand that connects the viewer to Columbus' known story in order to rewrite the false history.



Functions as Christopher Columbus' initials and as a butt. This is in reference to his uncompassionate behavior to the natives of the land he "discovered".


The Event

Placing a giant condom on the statue of Christopher Columbus at Columbus circle. Distributing brochures with information and giving out condoms to further the message.

Statue with condoms.jpg

The brochures would pass out information and also hold the condoms that would be distributed at the event.

It Spreads

The initial event is only the starting point. Other Columbus statues around the country would also be condomized.

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Screen Shot 2019-04-02 at 12.18.00

Ultimately rewriting 

Columbus' story.